Experienced Leadership

Given the vast and complex variety of technologies and platforms in the market today, experienced and knowledgeable technology leadership is a must for every company. Our executive consultants have the experience to run entire IT organizations or lead individual IT functions - whatever your business needs.

Senior-most Technology Leaders

CIO Source executive consultants help your company run more competitively and avoid costly technology mistakes.

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
    Generally responsible for the organization's technology infrastructure and application platforms, working to streamline business processes. Often focused internally on the company's users and business units but may also support external customers through customer portals and eCommerce solutions.
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
    Usually leads the engineering function and is focused on products and solutions for the company's external customers. Often is the top-most technology architect.
  • Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
    A relatively new and evolving role focused on the digital transformation of the enterprise. Often has a strong data focus and may encompass the marketing-related technology platforms.

CIO Source executive consultants are business-savvy technologists who can lead as a CIO, CTO, CDO, or hybrid role - whatever is appropriate for your company's specific situation.

IT Function Leadership

Our principal consultants have deep expertise in the key functional disciplines within the Information Technology domain, and have led IT departmental functions in a wide range of companies.

  • Program Management Office
  • Infrastructure and IT Operations
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Application Development

Leadership Services Designed with You In Mind

CIO Source offers flexible engagement models to meet the leadership needs of companies of all sizes.

Is it time for a leadership upgrade? Smaller companies often need senior technology leadership to develop strategies and manage execution before they’re ready to hire another full-time executive. We provide outsourced fractional or part-time executive support to meet your company’s specific leadership needs.

For midsized to large organizations with an existing IT staff, we offer interim and transformational engagements. Whether you just need a leader to hold a steady course while you consider long-term options, or whether you need a transformational executive to lead you through some difficult transitions, our executive consultants have the experience to be your go-to leader.

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