Great Eight – CIO Source Celebrates Anniversary

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This month marks the eighth anniversary of CIO Source, an IT Strategy and Leadership consulting firm of senior architects, program managers, and executives. Started in the challenging economic market of 2009, CIO Source has exceeded the expectations of company Founder and President, Greg Sparks.

“This has been an amazing eight years,” reported Sparks. “The CIO Source team has grown significantly, and we’ve been blessed with some amazing clients.” Sparks had two objectives when launching the company. “I wanted to enjoy the people I work with, and enjoy the clients I work for,” he said. “I’m happy to report success on both fronts.”

Over the past eight years, CIO Source has developed a solid consulting practice around performing IT assessments, developing strategic roadmaps, implementing strategic projects, and providing interim leadership. Typically clients are mid-market or large organizations which need to transform their IT capabilities and business systems to be in line with business needs. Merger and Acquisition (M&A) clients also benefit from CIO Source’s assessment and strategic roadmap services.

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